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Diagnosis of Specific Learning Disorders        

According to the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) Delegate Assembly, held on June 16 of 2011, the primary purposes of a comprehensive evaluation are to determine if the child has a specific learning disorder (SLD) and to make recommendations regarding educational placement and instructional interventions. In accordance with federal law, the individualized education plan (IEP) team and other qualified professionals must review existing data including:

  • Prior evaluations (if available)
  • Current grades or classroom-based assessments
  • Local and state assessments (i.e. FCAT)
  • Classroom observations (provided by teacher or other paraprofessionals) 
  • Input from parents

In making the determination for in-school service eligibility, NASP also states that the evaluation team or professional must consider if the lack of appropriate instruction in reading or math, limited English proficiency, or cultural and linguistic differences is a factor. When assessing previous educational interventions and assessment techniques, NASP states that the professional must also determine if these are culturally sensitive and have adequately addressed the issues related to English language learners. 

These are all factors that are rigorously considered by Child-Testing in the diagnosis of SLD in our students. In addition to the aforementioned, Child-Testing incorporates a variety of reliable, valid and standardized assessments tools that comply with federal law which clearly specifies that they must not be discriminatory on a racial or cultural basis, must be administered in the language and form most likely to yield accurate information, and solely administered by an experienced school psychologist with knowledge and expertise in learning disabilities.  

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5th Edition (DSM-IV),  SLDs are diagnosed through a clinical review of the individual's developmental, medical, educational and family history, reports of test scores, teacher observations, and responses to academic interventions. It is important for parents and school personnel to know that reports and diagnosis produced by a Child-Testing licensed psychologist, have thoroughly taken into account all relevant functional, developmental and academic information, including information provided by the parent, and even other family members, to determine whether the child has a specific learning disability and to ascertain the educational needs of the student. 

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