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Testing for giftedness, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, slow processing
disorder, specific learning problems and other school concerns...

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does testing cost?
Fees range from $400 to $700 per student,  depending on type of assessment, tests administered and your geographical location. Given these tough financial times, we try to work with your budget as much as possible to fit your needs.  More importantly, our rates remain affordable without compromising the quality of services or report.  Call for more details, or fill out this form for a quote.

Why do fees vary so much among professionals for the same type of testing?    ‚ÄčProfessionals working in the same geographical area may charge different rates for what appears to be the same type of service.  Many find there is little negotiating room for their fees when the overhead associated with expensive office space is a factor. The quality and depth of the services provided (i.e. computer generated reports vs customized reports) is another factor influencing fees. Another reason for the discrepancy in rates is because the choice of testing instruments used to assess different abilities varies greatly among professionals in the field. Experienced clinicians find that less instruments are needed to arrive at similar conclusions.   This being said, only learning disabilities that are recognized by IDEA can qualify a student for accommodations or services. If the parent's purpose of testing is mainly to obtain accommodations for their child, our testing process is the most time and cost effective approach. Taking this into account, Child Testing ensures not only affordable rates, but also very high quality service and accurate reports which are accepted by all academic institutions. 

Click HERE for a Side-by-Side Comparison of a Typical Invoice

What is included in the quoted price for testing? 

-Home testing services (tests are conducted in your own home by a licensed school psychologist)
-Comprehensive, descriptive/graphical report with diagnosis. *We do not hand out generic computer generated print outs*
-Specific and detailed recommendations for home and school (i.e.: requests for extended testing time, special classroom accommodations and/or placement, revisions to IEP's, 504 Plans, targeted tutoring, referrals for therapy and other follow up interventions)
-Post assessment phone meeting to discuss results and recommendations. This includes parents and authorized third parties (i.e. school counselor/psychologist, teacher, social worker).   

Do you have an office? Where are you located?
Child-Testing and its affiliates (Miamipsychologicaltesting.com, Ftlauderdalepsychologicaltesting.com, Jacksonvillepsychologicaltesting.com and Orlandopsychologicaltesting.com) are based out of Tampa, but we do not operate out of an office. We only offer at-home testing at this time. The psychologist will go out to your city and test the student in your place of residence. If that's not convenient, you may arrange to test at your local library or school.  We service the entire state of Florida, including Florida Keys.   

Is there a discount for siblings?
Siblings tested the same day receive a 5%, as well as military personal and teachers. 

What tests do you use? 
In regards to standardized tests, our practice utilizes the complete Wechsler series, including:  Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fourth Edition WISC-IV (ages 6 to 16),  Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence-Fourth Edition WPPSI-IV (ages 2 to 7), the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Third Edition (WAIS-III) for ages 16 through 71,  and The Wechsler Individual Achievement Test-Third Edition (WIAT-III), for preschool through college level. In addition to standardized tests, other processes make up part of the assessment (see below).

My child may be gifted, have ADD and a specific learning problem (Dyslexia), do you test for all those in one test?
As with any condition,  no single test or assessment tool can identify everything. Therefore our assessment process includes, but is not limited to: an IQ test, a standardized Individual Achievement test, review of student's background (early development, family history, environmental factors and health history), historical trends of his school performance,  teacher observations, past progress reports and test grades, parent and teacher reports and in some cases, specific observational inventories filled out by parents/caregiver or teacher.  The evaluator's expertise and experience with twice exceptional students is also paramount in the adequate identification of LD's, ADD/ADHD and other conditions. 

How many visits/sessions does the entire testing process take?
ONE VISIT. Child-Testing has developed a meticulous time-efficient system where most of the background and relevant information is gathered beforehand via some forms which are emailed to parents. This alone saves hours of time, as many other centers may take up an entire session to gather this information. We kindly ask parents to take enough time to fill out the forms. On the day of the appointment, the testing process itself takes between 1 to 2 1/2 hours per child. After testing, report is emailed in a PDF within 2 business days. Results are discussed via phone conference at your convenience at no additional charge.

How do I prepare for the testing session, is there anything I need to do?
Please click here for guidelines on how to prepare for at-home testing. 

After testing how do I get my child Help?
In the report, all recommendations are detailed (i.e.: IEP, 504 Plan, special in-school placement, testing accommodations, further services, therapy, tutoring, referrals to other professionals, etc...) 

Do you offer follow up treatment such as behavior therapy services if recommended in your report?
No. To avoid conflict of interest issues, Child Testing does not offer any of the recommended follow up treatments, such as behavior therapy or tutoring.  However, if the child needs further interventions, these will suggested and detailed in the report.   

How soon can my child get tested?
Due to the high volume of referrals, we recommend you call as soon as possible to make an appointment. Keep in mind that  anywhere between 9:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. are optimum testing times, as children tend to be most alert.  Some Saturday and Sunday appointments are available upon request if weekdays are not possible. 

How soon can I expect results?
After testing, you can expect the full PDF report in 48-72 hours. PLEASE CALL in to discuss results and answer all your questions.

Will my child's school and doctor accept the results?
Absolutely. Child-Testing is run by a licensed School Psychologist by the Florida Department of health, (Lic # SS905). Reports, diagnosis and recommendations are nationally accepted, including some international institutions. 

What forms of payment are accepted?
Cash, personal checks, money orders and all mayor credit cards. Credit card payments have a 2.9% service fee. Please keep in mind that payment must be made in full at the time of testing. Unfortunately no payment plans are accepted.

How can I make an appointment?
To schedule an appointment, please call (813) 468-6528 or email: [email protected] . You may also click HERE and fill out the form.

If you have any other questions, comments or concerns please call (813)468-6528.

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