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Testing for giftedness, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, slow processing
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Prepare for At-HomeTesting

Please have the forms that were emailed to you filled out by the end of testing process. You may also download forms here:

Ages 4 to 18

Adults or college students 

To ensure OPTIMUM performance and score reliability, please make sure the designated testing area meets the following requirements:

 Testing area must be a QUIET and clutter free place, such as: dining room table, office, den or  kitchen table.

 Student should have a nutritious meal or snack before testing. Food and drinks close to testing materials is discouraged.

 Avoid interruptions, unnecessary distractions and noises as much as possible. PLEASE REMOVE PETS, TURN OFF TELEVISION,  RADIO, TELEPHONE, CELL PHONE RINGERS, AND PLEASE NO TALKING.

 Please, NO HELPING during testing. Unfortunately, helping in any way will result in immediate termination of the testing process.

 Parents and other persons should not remain on the same table while the student is being tested.  Reasure your child that you will be close by (in another room or area of the house) if needed.  

 If testing is arranged at school site please advise school in advance of above testing requirements. Testing may take place at your local library, however parents are responsible for making such arrangements.

Other tips to help children prepare for the testing process: 

At-home testing in itself helps children feel safe and more relaxed as they are in the most familiar environment to them, their own home. This makes a significant difference on test performance. When a child is relaxed, they can put forth their best. Therefore, more accurate results are obtained. I advise parents to make sure their child is well rested, has a nutritious meal and reassure them that it will be a fun experience.  Try avoid using the word "intelligence" or "test", as this may produce unnecessary anxiety in some children. Instead, tell your child someone will be coming over to do some fun activities to find out what their strengths are.  A good pre-testing activity to do with your child while the psychologist arrives can be a table game, puzzle or coloring (avoid doing school work before testing).  The psychologist will also begin with some ice breakers and chat for a while with the child before testing to set a friendly atmosphere. CLICK HERE for more on how to help prepare children for IQ testing.

 Keep in mind, testing process usually takes between 1 to 2 1/2 hours. Thank you! Your cooperation is greatly appreciated! 

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