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Testing for giftedness, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, slow processing
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(Due to the large volume of emails we are not able to include them all, the webmaster has selected the following to share. Thank you to all the parents and students who took time out to email their experience, your time is greatly appreciated!)

"I wanted to review Michelle Rexach's services as we were very satisfied. Mrs. Rexach was not only professional, but also very empathetic and knowledgeable. Her diagnosis was accurate and the report was detailed. The school accepted it without a problem. Michelle was available to speak with teachers and guidance counselor post testing.  I've seen reports that have cost thousands of dollars and were not as accurate as this one. My husband and I would like to personally thank you, our child loved you and is asking when will you be back:)." January 2015. Parent of a 4th grader. Weston, FL. 

"My wife and I needed a seasoned psychologist with vast experience in specific learning disabilities, given that for some reason our child has been very difficult to diagnose.  Even with me being a physician, we just couldn't figure out what was going on. We called several places before we found Child-Testing. What we liked most about Ms. Michelle is that she was a teacher for many years. She's been in the classrooms and has dealt with all  kinds of students with different learning issues. She knows first hand what is happening in the classrooms. That experience had a lot of weight in our decision. Another factor that convinced us we had found the right person, was the fact that she is actually mobile throughout the state of FL and not confined to an office in one geographical location. The volume and range of specific disabilities she comes across on a daily basis would be difficult to find elsewhere. Long story short,  our son is finally on a 504 Plan, allowing him extra time for exams due to his diagnosis. This is what we wanted for 3 years.   Thank you! EXCELLENT."   -  November 2014. Parent of a 7th grader, Altamonte Springs FL   

"We have a very high anxiety child who does not do well in testing situations. Michelle came to the home and was able to establish a friendly rapport with our child in a matter of minutes, making the process painless. Michelle Rexach has a magnificent way about her to reach children and make them feel at ease. We are extremely happy with rendered services and would absolutely recommend this company to all families needing testing." October 2014. Panama City, FL.   

"My daughter has had an IEP since kindergarten due to unspecified developmental delays. But her teachers and all of us knew there was something else going on. One of her teachers mentioned the possibility of Aspergers, We were skeptical since her pediatrician had never picked up on it. She had been fully tested before in the school years ago,  as well as by a psychiatrist. But all we got were the same vague diagnosis  Michelle Rexach was recommended by a friend who had her own child evaluated by her and told us she specialized in ASD. Our daughter was finally diagnosed to be in the spectrum with ADHD Inattentive Sub-type (twice exceptional student). She is now on a 504 and is receiving the help she needs at home and at school. We are extremely pleased and satisfied with services and diagnosis. It was accurate and finally gave us some answers." August  2014.  Parent of a 4th grader. Anonymous city, FL.

"Child-Testing is the least expensive option for parents who need a psycho-educational assessment. Testing is done in the home and report is received the next day.  The service was outstanding and the report was easy to understand, very accurate and of very high quality. It contained everything we needed to help our daughter. She enjoyed the process."   July 2014. Parent of a 5th grader. Oveido, FL.

"Michelle went above and beyond with our son. She tested him for giftedness. The school was giving us a hard time placing him in the gifted program for months. After submitting the report to us, she even contacted the school personally with our consent and helped with our son's placement in the academically gifted and talented program. We are very grateful for all her help and would recommend Michelle to any family seeking private testing."    June 2014. Parent of a 3rd grader. Sarasota, FL.

"SO glad I found this company. It is the least expensive. I called about 6 or 7 different places they all charged per hour and wanted me to bring my son in to their offices for several sessions. I was going to spend over 3,000 for sure. My husband and I also were amazed that the psychologist came to our house to test. No one else will offer the same thing for this price. Her report was outstanding and she answered all our questions. The report outlined my son's LD's and recommendations for the school which obtained him the accommodations he needed. Very nice, very helpful. thank you!"    June 2014. Parent of a 10th grader. Wesley Chapel, FL.

"My university counselor recommended this company to me to continue my 504 Plan for dyslexia. I really liked Michelle Rexach. She was very friendly and knowledgeable about 504 and IDEA. She tested me in my parent's house. I had the report with diagnosis the next day. The fee was very reasonable, especially for a part-time working student such as myself.  It was very easy and affordable. I definitely would recommend Child-Testing to other students."    -May 2014. College student. Orlando, FL

"I recommend Michelle and child-testing. I found this company to be the least expensive and the only ones who come to the house. Unbelievable. She couldn't of been more spot on with her diagnosis of my two kids. I was exactly what we suspected all along. Very satisfied."   -May 2014. Parent of a 2nd and 3rd grader. Ft. Pierce, FL.

"What a wonderful experience. I highly recommend child-testing to all parents needing psychological testing for their kids. My only regret is that I didn't hear about them sooner for my older child who I ended up paying triple for her testing. Oh well, live and learn."   -April 2014. Parent of a 2nd grader. Tallahassee, FL

"I want to say don't be like me who waited 4 years and had my child held back twice.  I was totally in the dark about private testing. I didn't know parents didn't have to wait for the school to do something. I always thought this was the school's job.  A friend of the family recommended this company and told us the psychologist would come to our home to do the testing, I liked that a lot. The psychologist drove from Tampa to our place of residence in Marathon Key. She was awesome. My son loved the entire process, to him it was all fun. He enjoyed her attention and friendliness.   The price was shocking. Not even close to what I thought. If you need private testing, don't bother calling anyone else."   -April 2014. Parent of a 4th grader. Marathon Key, FL  

"I was tired of waiting for the school to have my third grader tested. They had me wait almost 7 months for the initial paperwork to get started. And after I waited that long, they dropped a bombshell that they don't test for dyslexia. Really? Another parent and friend of mine recommended this company and assured me that I'd be very happy with their service.  And I was. I couldn't get over how fast everything was. Michelle came to the house and tested my daughter right on the dinning room table while I did the laundry. In a few days we were emailed a detailed report with all I needed to know. My daughter had severe dyslexia.  I was also impressed with the cost. Very affordable. I have no idea why some parents wait so long to get their kids help."        - March 2014. Parent of a 3rd grader. Miami, FL 

"I was very impressed with the service. The fact that they come to the home was great. It was worth every penny. Yes, I would call Child-Testing again if I ever needed them to test my other children."      -March 2013. Parent of a 2nd grader. Tampa, FL 

"I am a college student and needed a current diagnosis in order to obtain reasonable accommodations for my ADHD condition. The psychologist was very helpful and professional. Also very prompt with results. I really liked that she came to the house, that was so convenient! I recommend this company to other college students needing testing services."    -February 2014. College student. Tampa, FL

"Michelle was absolutely wonderful with my two daughters. The process was so easy and my girls loved working with her. They were relaxed and focused, and it was clear they were doing their best. I loved the fact that she came to the home. She tested them both on the same day, though separately of course,  for giftedness. I was very impressed with how soon she got the reports back to us and with the quality and detail of the reports. It was way more inexpensive than I thought. There was a nice discount for siblings tested the same day. It was all very worth it.  I highly recommend this company to all parents."        -February 2014. Parent of a 1st and 5th grader.  Naples, FL   

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